Nalú Sanz-Cortez

As the daughter of a renowned psychoanalyst, the concept of transformation (inner) was instilled in me during my formative years. Moreover, born into a 3rd generation family of artists, architects and designers a prominent focus on aesthetics, design, form, space and art has been paramount to our point of view. All of this was my “normal”, and little did I know that somehow these family values would later surge from my unconscious and become a passion. Unexpectedly, these two worlds (psychology & design), that seemed distant and apart, have now merged developing a significant role in my adult life.

One could say that life led me to design. While pursuing a career in International Marketing, I realized the deep connection I had to the artistic side of my profession. My leadership on the creative front – focusing on product image, promotional material design and event planning among other – triggered a hidden passion for design, both graphic and of interior spaces. It was there where I began to fall in love with design in general and when I identified a natural ability to use it as a means for turning ordinary dull products and spaces into special objects and nooks that told a story that people connected with.

Living abroad and travelling around the globe, has highly enriched my experience through culture, art, languages and lifestyle. Such international experiences have opened my eyes to the power and possibility of design. Subconsciously, I became a self-taught amateur interior designer who organically was able to renovate a space. From the interiors of each of my homes to family-owned world-class bookstores and toy stores, I led the design and execution of several projects. Clearly, I had fallen in love with the “transformation” of spaces and poured my heart out into each of the areas I touched. Each corner had a story to tell.

Since then and for the past 16 years, I have been involved in a variety of projects where interior design, remodeling and artistic concepts are at its core. In 2014, as a way of cementing this passion and natural ability for design (beyond the scope of my homes and family businesses), I enrolled in the Interior Design Program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The Art Institute has turned my raw self-taught talent into a career, and shaped me into a professional interior designer prepared to offer the most innovative and technically advanced solutions with creative passion and analytical depth. As a way of honoring both my passion and my father’s name and teachings, I have created SanzFormation,  interior design services, which will help clients transform spaces and enhance their everyday life- an inner and outer transformation combined.

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